For the beta version, see Progressbar Whisper.

Progressbar XB is the thirteenth version of ProgressbarOS in the Progressbar lineup. It is based on the extremely popular Windows XP, released in 2001.






  • This is the first and currently the only Progressbar version to be between two Progressbar betas.
  • In version ??? or earlier, it was named Progressbar XPi.

  • This is the first article ever created in Progressbar95 Wiki.

I'm pretty sure nothing's missing! Why would anything be missing?


  •  ???: Progressbar XPi was added.
  • 0.34: "Progressbar XPi" was renamed to "Progressbar XB".
  • ???: The textures of all of the in-game segments have been changed.
  • 0.526: Added destauration effect when opening shutdown menu.
  • 0.541: Added Welcome screen.
  • 0.542: New font.
  • 0.60: New Begin menu.
* October Update: New Shutdown/Restart panel.

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