Progressbar 7 is the sixteenth version of ProgressbarOS in the Progressbar lineup. It is based on the popular Windows 7, released in 2009. In January 14, 2020, a honorable moment marks up the end of life of Windows 7.






  • Since 0.50 when you first boot up Progressbar 7 it will have a screen that says that the ProgressbarOS is out of support. This is based on Windows 7's recent support deadline.
  • The text for Grand editon is almost gray, making it difficult to see against the background of this wiki.
  • Before 0.6004, this is the first version of ProgressbarOS that you can get it that doesn't have progress bar trails or cursor trails. PB-DOS Shell is actually the first one that doesn't have cursor trails or progressbar trails. After 0.6004, cursor trails made optional, but progressbar trails are not visible.

  • This is the third article ever created in Progressbar95 Wiki.

Nothing. I guess everything's alright!


  • 0.43: Progressbar 7 added.
  • 0.50: Added End of Support message at the first time the system boots up.
  • 0.541: A welcome screen has been added.
  • 0.542: Added a new font, last version of ProgressbarOS with the new font.
  • 0.60: Added a new Begin Menu, showing the user picture. Before 0.60 and after the update ???, when the userpic wasn't here, the Power button changed.

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