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Welcome to the Progressbar95 Wiki!

Progressbar95 Wiki is a fan wiki dedicated to provide the best and most information on the Progressbar95 hypercasual UI mobile game, designed to invoke nostalgia for old Windows operating systems.

Featured page of the month: Progressbar Chitown

Do you know:

  • Progressbar Chitown is based on Progressbar 95, and is designed to recreate the experience in Version 0.21?
  • Chitown has most modern features disabled, such as Bin and Media Player?
Recent game news
  • The newest version of the game: 0.8430
  • The earliest version of the game (0.20) has been found!
  • Please refer to the Changelog for more information.

Featured image of the month

Dog PBXB.png

This dog is one of the most iconic symbols of Progressbar95, along with Clippy.


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