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ProgressDOS is a text-based adventure for advanced users (real 'hackers'!). By exploring directories you can find bonuses, cheats, easter eggs and other secrets.

Use DOS commands to explore directories. Type HELP and press Enter for a list of commands.


Progressterminal icon

ProgressDOS, also known as Progress CMD in Progressbar NOT 4.0 and from Progressbar 2000 to Progressbar 7, ProgressShell from Progressbar 81 to Progressbar 10 and Progressterminal in Progressbar 1X, allows the user to explore the files in their virtual computer. It is based off of MS-DOS, CMD, PowerShell and Windows Terminal. Cheats and Bonuses can be found here.


  • DIR - displays contents of current directory
  • CD - opens a directory
    • CD.. - exits a directory
  • DEL - deletes a file
    • Deleting a cheats.txt file will return the message "Fair play!" and will give a bonus in the next game.
  • RMDIR or RD - deletes a directory
    • Deleting System32 (or SYSTEM or Progressbar) will cause a BSOD, then will force you to restore system by tapping "Restore system" button and then "Tap" 200 times. On your next play you will get a System32 bonus and a special pop-up.
    • Trying to delete BIN directory after update 0.5605 will fill the display with "BIN INSIDE BIN..." message. Since 0.6004 you will also get the "Trash recursion" achievement.
  • CLS - clears screen
  • GREEN - turns the text green after giving the message "WAKE UP, THE ONE..."
  • HELP - opens the help menu
  • ECHO - prints text
  • TIME or TIMER - prints the current time
  • EXIT - closes ProgressDOS
  • SHUTDOWN - Shuts down the system
    • SHUTDOWN /R - Restarts the system and opens up the Boot Menu
    • SHUTDOWN /S - Also shuts down the system
    • SHUTDOWN /? - Shows possible parameters
  • COLOR or COLOUR - changes the color of the text and background

The COLOR command can be used by typing COLOR <code>, where <code> consists of two hex numbers, the first number is a background color, and the second one is a text color:

All possible colours in ProgressDOS

  • 0 → Black
  • 1 → Dark Blue
  • 2 → Dark Green
  • 3 → Dark Cyan
  • 4 → Dark Red
  • 5 → Dark Magenta
  • 6 → Dark Yellow
  • 7 → Grey
  • 8 → Black
  • 9 → Blue
  • A → Green
  • B → Cyan
  • C → Red
  • D → Magenta
  • E → Yellow
  • F → White
  • Example: COLOR 0F sets the background to black and the text to white
  • The same background and text color can be applied
  • This resets every time the window is closed


  • Before update ___, the background of ProgressShell was black rather than the dark blue of PowerShell.
  • After update 0.5605 ProgressShell in Progressbar 1X was renamed to Progressterminal.
  • Any character after the second character in the argument of the color command is ignored.
  • Attempting to use an invalid first character in the color command returns the error "Wrong text color!" while using an invalid second character returns the error "Wrong back color!" If both the first and second characters are invalid, both errors will be returned. Any valid colors will be applied; for example, the command "COLOR COLOR" will change the background to red but will not change the text color since O is not a valid color code.
  • Attempting to use the same first and second character will return only the error "Same colors!" This error is returned even if the two characters are invalid characters.
    • This does not recognize that "COLOR 08" is will change both the background and text color to black.
    • This can be bypassed by running the color code with invalid colors twice; for example, running the command "COLOR 4G" and then "COLOR G4" will turn both the text and the background into dark red.
  • "COLOR " (with 2 spaces) will return the error "Same colors!" while "COLOR " (with 3 spaces) will return both "Wrong text color!" and "Wrong back color!" and "COLOR " (with 4 spaces) will return "Same colors!".
  • Despite ProgressDOS not existing in 0.21, it still made an appearance in Progressbar Chitown. It is unknown why.

To be added...

Apart from no Article Trivia, everything is good!


  • 0.43: Added ProgressDOS
  • 0.44: Added more commands
  • 0.485: Added support for "CD.." command
  • 0.5: Added HEX editor, some directories are now encrypted. GREEN and RMDIR commands added. You're now also able to delete System32.
  • 0.525: Made typing the file extension of files optional.
  • 0.526: COLOR command added.
  • 0.5605: SHUTDOWN command added.
  • 0.5807: ProgressDOS now uses A: drive in PB-DOS Shell to Progressbar 2.
  • 0.62: Typing system32 in Progressbar 3.14 will automatically transform into system16. [verify]

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