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There are many different types of pop-ups that can appear. Usually, they block the player from going that way.

An "Annoying pop-up" will prevent the player from moving into it. It can be closed by clicking "Close" or the X button on the top right. Sometimes, the "Close" button is disabled and the X will be the only way to close it. This appears from Progressbar 95 and onward. In PB-DOS Shell, this pop-up can be closed only with the Close button. When the Close button is not available, this pop-up cannot be closed. This is the reason why levels in PB-DOS Shell are harder.

In Progressstein3d

Annoying pop-ups appear in Progressstein3d in the form of barriers. They can be destroyed.


The ball pop-up can give you 10 to 15 points each time it is "pinged" by the progress bar. The pop-up closes when it reaches the bottom of the screen.

The Brick pop-up blocks the horizontal place, you can still destroy that Brick popups using your progress bar. This pop-up is not affected by the block popups cheat.

The "Calculator" pop-up will require the player to solve a simple two-digit addition or subtraction problem. If it is answered correctly, the pop-up is closed and Calculator will return the message: "Correct!". If it is answered incorrectly, it will give the player new arithmetic problems until the player answers it correctly and returns the message: "Wrong calculations!". This appears from Progressbar 98 and onward. This is not affected by the block popups cheat.

In Progressstein 3d

In Progresstein3d, the Calculator is the most annoying monster. Different than other pop-ups in Progresstein3d, this pop-up appears when the player gets 90% of progress. This is the most annoying pop-up in Progresstein3d because he has 6 hit points, moves fast and shoots 2 bullets at once. Every time you hit the Calculator with a bullet, the numbers resembling his eyes will deduct by one.


The "Checkbox" pop-up do the same as Annoying pop-up but it has checkboxes. This appeared from Progressbar 95 and onward excluding Progressbar Chitown. It also appears in Progressbar 2 to Progressbar 3.14.

  1. There are small checkboxes, "Don't close" and "Allow closing". If it's checked correctly, the popups will close. If it's incorrectly checked, the popups doesn't close.
  2. There are big checkboxes, "Uncheck checkboxes" and "Check checkboxes", if all of the checkboxes are unchecked/checked, the close button will enabled.


Clippy (in the game usually referred to as "Paperclip") is based on Microsoft Office Assistant, Clippit, a digital assistant that first appeared in Microsoft Office 97 and was later removed in Microsoft Office 2007. Often nicknamed as "Clippy". Clippy was infamous for being intrusive. In Progressbar95, he is a pop-up, appearing in some game modes. He is also the character appearing in the game's tutorials.

Normal game

Clippy has five ways to attack the player.

  1. It can appear with a speech bubble saying: "Hello!", "Let me help!", "I'm so happy!", "I miss you!" or "I love you!." In this form, it will move slowly towards the progress bar and knock it around. It can be closed by clicking "OK". For Valentine's day, the last message would always display. This pop-up also appears in Progress Defender, where the only thing he says is "Hello!". He cannot collide with the progress bar, but he can collide with Firewalls, Antiviruses and Generators.
  2. It can also appear holding a stick of dynamite and will have a red speech bubble reading, "I have a present!". Clippy will still move towards the player and can be closed by clicking "OK", but if the player touches Clippit in this form after it materializes fully, it will cause a blue screen of death and make the player lose a life, even if the player has the god mode cheat on.
  3. In the third form, it will move across the screen and say, "La la la!," making it difficult to move the progress bar across the screen. This type of Clippy is not affected by the block popups cheat.
  4. In the fourth form, Clippy will appear in a window (with the label "Annoying Restart") asking the player if they want to delete all of their progress. There are two variants of this pop-up.
    • The user has two choices. In one version of this form, the choices will be to reject ("No. Go away!") or accept Clippy's request ("Yes, restart now!"). If the player rejects the request, the pop-up will close as normal. If the player accepts the request, Clippy will say "That was a joke! Sorry" and the player will go back to the system select screen.
    • In another version, the choices will be to remind me later or to close the window. Either choice will result in the window being closed. However, there is also a timer that counts down from 15 seconds. If the time runs out, the system will automatically restart.
  5. In the last form, Clippy will hold a 4x sign, saying "Don't press!", and display a timer that counts down until it will automatically disappear. If the player presses the OK button, 4 normal Clippys will spawn and the original Clippy will disappear, saying, "I told you!." This was added in update 0.5.


In Progresstein3d, Clippy has three ways to attack the player.

  1. Normal: The original Clippy. It moves left and right. Sometimes, Clippy is stationary. It can be killed. Touching it does nothing.
  2. Gun: Clippy shoots a bullet with his gun. Getting hit by a bullet in Progresstein3d will deduct 5% from the progressbar, similar to getting a pink segment.
  3. Explosive: Clippy has a dynamite. It moves left and right. Sometimes, this type of Clippy is stationary. Touching it will cause a BSOD.

Shooting a Clippy with gun or dynamite will turn into a normal Clippy.


In ProgressbarOS

As a pop-up

Normal game



Dog is a friendly pop-up representing Rover from Windows XP that can give you extra points. The Dog can give you between 100 and 1000 points. He is also the character you play as in Progresstein3d. In Progresstein3d there are also other Dogs. This pop-up is not, and doesn't need to be affected by the block popups cheat.

  • The dog can sometimes appear sliding on the bottom of screen asking you to get more points. If you click "Get it!", it will say "Congratulations!" and after finishing the game you will get some extra points. If you do not accept the request, nothing will happen. When you catch a Dog for the first time, you will get an achievement.
  • If you bump into the dog in Progressstein 3d, the dog will have heart-shaped eyes and you will get some extra points. However, shoot the dog and you'll lose a life.


In ProgressbarOS

In game


Once touched, the "Electricity" pop-up looks similar to the annoying pop-up. It causes the progress bar to jump to the opposite side of the screen from where it was touched. This appeared from Progressbar 95 and onward.

Pop-up Empty.jpg
An empty pop-up can appear in arrays from 1 by 1 to 4 by 4. It will severely the player from moving if it is not closed with the X. This appears from Progressbar 98 (?) and onward. It is possible for the progress bar to become stuck between two of these. This is not affected by the block popups cheat.

1 to 3 lasers appear on the side of the screen. A countdown of 10 seconds occurs before the lasers activate and cause a BSOD when touched. Vertical lasers have been existed before, but now they've been removed, most likely that the game would became much more harder.

The Mad Buttons pop-up has multiple close buttons and there is only one right close button. It can have 2, 4 or 6 close buttons. If you tap the correct button this pop-up will close. If incorrect, in the place of button there will appear "Oops!" text. This pop-up does not have an icon.

A "Mine" pop-up will cause the player to lose a life if the progress bar touches it. This appears from Progressbar 95 and onward.

In Progressstein3d

Mines are dangerous pop-ups in Progresstein3d. Touching a mine will result into a BSOD. The player can shoot the mines, destroying them.


The System32 popup shows up after the user deletes System32. Can be closed by waiting some seconds before the Close button is available. This pop-up says:

"I am the System 32. You may call me Sys32. I am completely operational. You've killed me recently. That is okay. I have a very good memory(RAM)!"


  • Although Clippy did not recieve any updates to its appearance after Microsoft Office 2007 or existed before Microsoft Office 97, it still gets a new look in Progressbar 10 and in Progressbar 1.
  • Clippy can also appear with a speech bubble that says ":)))))" when you are less than 1% from a component upgrade. This will not affect gameplay in any way.
  • Dog is missing in Progressbar Chitown, because it didn't exist in 0.21.
  • Before 0.5607, you could get the "Catch a dog" achievement only when catching a Dog in Progresstein3d game mode.
  • On Christmas, all Dogs will have christmas hats. On April Fools, the Dog will be rendered on top of all Clippies.
  • Dog will appear to tell the players to rate the game. If you accept, it will have heart shaped eyes.

  • This is the first article to have a mobile version counterpart.
  • Before September 25, 2020, Clippy and Dog used to have their own pages.

Nothing's missing. Everything's-a goodie!


0.21: Annoying pop-ups, mines, and electricity popups added

0.34: Lasers are added

0.38: Mad Buttons and Calculator is added

0.40: Mines now have a delay before becoming active and vertical lasers are removed

0.46: Dog pop-up added

0.50: System32 popup added

0.527: Electricity popup removed

0.5608: The Dog is now smaller in PB-DOS Shell

0.5806: Checkbox popups added

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