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PB-DOS Shell is the first version of ProgressbarOS in the Progressbar lineup. It is based on MS-DOS 5.0 released in 1991.






  • This is the only ProgressbarOS that you have to move the Progressbar using your joystick instead of moving with fingers.
  • Everytime you start the game after startup, it will show the message: PB-DOS Shell does not support mouse, you need to use keys to move the progress bar. That is easy and fun!
  • The Adept Logo is difficult to see the "Adept" writed.
  • This is the ProgressbarOS to not have a media player, along with Progressbar Chitown
  • It is possible to get this operating system fifth in the mobile version. In the PC version, you have to get it sixteenth, as you have to get a whopping 14 professional labels, making this operating system impossible to get without reaching Progressbar 10.
    • If this was the earliest version of the PC version of Progressbar95, it would've been impossible to collect Collector of classics before Full deck. (On a side note, however, this would not be worth it anyway)

To be added...

  • A Home Screen Pro image.
  • All of the wallpaper images.


  • 0.5605: PB-DOS Shell is first mentioned in the achievements menu as ProgressDOS 5.0
  • 0.5607: PB-DOS Shell added
  • 0.5608: PB-DOS Shell added on the Store
  • 0.58: The achievements menu now lists it has PB-DOS Shell rather than ProgressDOS 5.0
  • 0.5807: Added Startup and shutdown sounds

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