Media Player is a ProgressbarOS program that resembles Windows Media Player. In Progressbar 1 to Progressbar 3.14, it is called PB Speaker (Media Player in 3.14). In Progressbar 95 to Progressbar 2000, it is called ProgAmp (based on WinAmp). In Progressbar Whisper to Wista, it is called ProgressBaZaA. In Progressbar 7 to 81 it is called ProgressTunes. In Progressbar 10 onwards it is called Progress Music.

New versions of the songs are unlocked by playing a special game mode in which all of the segments collected must be blue. This game mode has different names in different releases of ProgressbarOS; for example, it is called ProgAmp in Progressbar 95 to 2000, ProgressBaZaA in Progressbar Whisper to Wista, PBTunes in Progressbar 7 to 81 and PBStream in Progressbar 10 onwards.


There are four different variations of the Progressbar 95 songs: the MIDI version, the LQ (low quality, 96 Kbps) version, the HQ (high quality, 128 Kbps) version, and the Remix. They are around 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

While there are only a few track names they can vary between each ProgressbarOS:



  • Despite the song having a .midi file extension in Progressbar 1 to Progressbar 3.14, it is actually an .mp3 file.
  • The high quality version of the theme song is claimed to be encoded in 128kbps, but it is actually encoded in 89kbps
  • The low quality version of the theme song is claimed to be encoded in 96kbps, but it is actually encoded in 87kbps
  • The song with the highest bit rate is the theme played in Progressbar 1 to Progressbar 2 at 92kbps.
  • Media Player doesn't exist in PB-DOS Shell and Progressbar Chitown.

  • From September 12, 2020 to September 13, 2020, all of the Media Player information has been moved to ProgressbarOS. This, however, has been brought back in September 13, 2020, in response to Seafoxlrt616's complaint about EpicAlexisMaxwell's mass merging activity (which is mainly with the use of the tabber function).

Nothing is missing. Everything is good!

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