Game Modes are one of the most important parts of Progressbar 95. It determines the difficulty of the game and even changes the rules of the game completely. Up until now, there are nine game modes, which are Relax, Normal, Hardcore, Custom, Progress Sweeper, Progress Defender, Progresstein3d, ProgressTrix and Progress Defender.

The Relax game mode has slowly moving segments, and pop-ups appear less frequently. It gives 0.5x the normal number of points. It is first unlocked in Progressbar 95 plus. Relax has a maximum of two hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Relax PBDOS.png Relax PB1.png Relax PB2.png Relax PB3-14.png 32px Relax PB95.png Relax PB95plus.png 32px Relax PB98.png Relax PBMeme.png Relax PB2000.png Relax PBWhisper.png Relax PBXB.png Relax PBLargehorn.png Relax PBWista.png Relax PB7.png Relax PB81.png Relax PB10.png Relax PB1X.png

The Normal game mode has segments falling at a normal pace, and pop-ups appear occasionally. It gives 1x the normal number of points. It can be played on all ProgressbarOS releases. Normal has a maximum of three hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Normal PBDOS.png Normal PB1.png Normal PB2.png Normal PB3-14.png 32px Normal PB95.png Normal PB95plus.png 32px Normal PB98.png Normal PBMeme.png Normal PB2000.png Normal PBWhisper.png Normal PBXB.png Normal PBLargehorn.png Normal PBWista.png Normal PB7.png Normal PB81.png Normal PB10.png Normal PB1X.png

The Hardcore game mode has segments that fall quickly and swerve wildly, and pop-ups appear very frequently. It gives 1.5x the normal number of points and disables all Programs (except Slow Time). It is first unlocked in Progressbar 98. Hardcore has a maximum of four hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Hardcore PBDOS.png Hardcore PB1.png Hardcore PB2.png Hardcore PB3-14.png 32px Hardcore PB95.png Hardcore PB95plus.png 32px Hardcore PB98.png Hardcore PBMeme.png Hardcore PB2000.png Hardcore PBWhisper.png Hardcore PBXB.png Hardcore PBLargehorn.png Hardcore PBWista.png Hardcore PB7.png Hardcore PB81.png Hardcore PB10.png Hardcore PB1X.png

For professional players only! This is a special utility to create your own Custom game mode. Use checkboxes and sliders to adjust number of popups, game speed and so on. Extreme parameters provide more points. You may save your settings as presets and share their codes with other players.

Custom game mode's options window

The custom game mode was added in alpha version of update 0.6004 on September 3, 2020. It lets the players customize their own difficulty. It is only available and the only game mode available in Progressbar NOT 4.0. Custom has a maximum of one to five hearts, depending on the difficulty.


There are 11 names of difficulties. They change depending on overall multiplier.

  • Idle: Less than x0.100
  • Sleepy: x0.100 - x0.249
  • Boring: x0.250 - x0.549
  • Relax: x0.550 - x0.749
  • Normal: x0.750 - x1.099
  • Complicated: x1.100 - x1.399
  • Hardcore: x1.400 - x1.999
  • Uncompromising: x2.000 - x2.999
  • Extreme: x3.000 - x3.999
  • Surviving: x4.000 - x4.999
  • Impossible: x5.000+

Lowest multiplier - x0.014

Max multiplier - x5.65


The player can customize the following features:

There are three checkbox options:


  • This is the first UI element that features sliders.
  • The amount of Hearts you have for a level change depending on the difficulty.
    • Idle, Sleepy, Boring and Relax - 1
    • Normal and Complicated - 2
    • Hardcore and Uncompromising - 3
    • Extreme - 4
    • Surviving and Impossible - 5
  • If you spam 15 letter D's in the code you will get an almost impossible gameplay, as a bug.
    • If you somehow survived it you get a collossal amount of points (probably millions).
    • This was fixed in version 0.6006.

ProgressSweeper is an analytic math puzzle for professional players. Your objective is to open correct cells and get blue segments avoiding yellow and red ones
— Clippy

Progress Sweeper is a game mode similar to Minesweeper. Orange blocks and numbers are added and blue squares are distributed randomly. It gives 1.5x the normal number of points and is unlocked when you install Progressbar 95 plus. Once you install Progressbar 95 plus, it becomes available in all systems excluding PB-DOS Shell and Progressbar Chitown. This game mode was added on March 6, 2020 in the alpha version of update 0.525. Progress Sweeper has a maximum of four hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Progress Sweeper PBDOS.png Progress Sweeper PB1.png Progress Sweeper PB2.png Progress Sweeper PB3-14.png 32px Progress Sweeper PB95.png Progress Sweeper PB95plus.png 32px Progress Sweeper PB98.png Progress Sweeper PBMeme.png Progress Sweeper PB2000.png Progress Sweeper PBWhisper.png Progress Sweeper PBXB.png Progress Sweeper PBLargehorn.png Progress Sweeper PBWista.png Progress Sweeper PB7.png Progress Sweeper PB81.png Progress Sweeper PB10.png Progress Sweeper PB1X.png


  • Despite being able to choose any starting square in Minesweeper, the player is only guaranteed to be able to press the upperleftmost tile.
  • Revealing an empty region does not automatically uncover all of the adjacent empty squares.


Progress Defender is a 'tower defence' game mode. Your objective is to protect your progress from red segments by placing firewalls and other widgets

Progress Defender is a game mode reminiscent of Space Invaders. It gives 1.25x the normal number of points. It is first unlocked in Progressbar 95 plus and was released in the second beta version of update 0.527 on March 17, 2020. Progress Defender has a maximum of four hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
32px Progress Defender PB1.png Progress Defender PB2.png Progress Defender PB3-14.png 32px Progress Defender PB95.png Progress Defender PB95plus.png 32px Progress Defender PB98.png Progress Defender PBMeme.png Progress Defender PB2000.png Progress Defender PBWhisper.png Progress Defender PBXB.png Progress Defender PBLargehorn.png Progress Defender PBWista.png Progress Defender PB7.png Progress Defender PB81.png Progress Defender PB10.png Progress Defender PB1X.png



  • Although Clippy will destroy any placed windows, it will not collide with the progress bar.
  • It is possible to play this game mode as the tutorial level. Attempting to do so will result in a glitched game.

Progresstein3d is a game mode featuring an old-school first person shooter based on Windows 95 3D Brick Maze Screensaver and Wolfenstein 3D, a popular 90s FPS game. It gives 1.5x the normal number of points. It was released in beta version of update 0.541 on May 3, 2020. Similar to Wolfenstein, this mode features a HUD showing the player [which is, in this case, a dog]. The player can only move left and right, and moves forward automatically. The main enemies featured are Clippies, but other Pop-ups (such as mines, which kills the player on contact) appear as well. Most of these obstacles will prevent further movement, although they can be shot down by the player's weapon. Shooting a Dog will result in an instant BSOD whie being shot by an enemy will deduct 5% from the progress bar. There is a timer of 400 seconds before the game mode can be played. This timer continues to tick down as long as the game is open and can be removed by buying it for $4.99. Progressstein 3D has a maximum of four hearts.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Progresstein3d PBDOS.png Progresstein3d PB1.png Progresstein3d PB2.png Progresstein3d PB3-14.png 32px Progresstein3d PB95.png Progresstein3d PB95plus.png 32px Progresstein3d PB98.png Progresstein3d PBMeme.png Progresstein3d PB2000.png Progresstein3d PBWhisper.png Progresstein3d PBXB.png Progresstein3d PBLargehorn.png Progresstein3d PBWista.png Progresstein3d PB7.png Progresstein3d PB81.png Progresstein3d PB10.png Progresstein3d PB1X.png

All pop-ups

  • Clippy - in Progresstein3d, he has three forms: Normal, Gun, and Explosive. See Clippy page for more information.
  • Mines - dangerous, if you touch it, it will cause a BSOD. Can be destroyed normally.
  • Dogs - in this game mode, there are also other dogs. As said above, you must watch out to not shot them. They can move or be stationary. You will get bonus points if you catch the Dog.
  • Barriers - look similar to Annoying pop-ups. They prevent further movement until destroyed, and cannot attack.
  • Calculator - Described as the most annoying pop-up in the mini-game. Has 6 hit points, moves fast, and has two guns! Calculators start to appear when you have 90% in your progress bar.


  • As of the 0.541 beta, there was no visible icon for the Progressbar 10 version, while the rest had the same icons as a placeholder.
  • This game mode is unavailable on Progressbar Chitown and before PB3.14.
  • Progressbar 3.14 and Progressbar Whisper don't have exclusive icons, instead use the ones from Progressbar 95.
  • On Progressbar 2000 and older systems, this game is played on a lower quality, while in Progressbar 1X, Progresstein3d is played on highest possible quality.
  • On Progressbar 3.14, the game is played on a very lowest quality and is even more pixelated.



ProgressTris. You have to complete a solid line of blocks to complete a level. That is harder than you think
— Clippy

Progresstrix is a gamemode that is only on PB-DOS Shell. This game mode is based on Tetris, a very popular game, and gives 1x the number of points. The objective of the gamemode is to make a line full of blue blocks and orange blocks. Going to the top gives you a BSOD. Other types of blocks are:

  • Red - Causes a BSOD when touched by a block.
  • Pink - Removes all blocks near it.
  • Light Blue - Doubles the blue blocks in a direction that's available.

It was released in beta version of update 0.5607 on June 27, 2020.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Progresstrix PBDOS.png 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px


Progressbar Commander. Build a stack of elements at the right column. Press [->] button to move a moving element from the left column to the right. Read description of the elements! "Blue" and "Yellow" are good, "Red" are bad!
— Clippy

Progress Commander is a game mode that was added in the final beta version of update 0.5608 on June 29, 2020. It is only available in PB-DOS Shell and gives 1.25x the normal number of points. This game mode is inspired from DOS program called Norton Commander. The objective is to stack the elements by pressing the right arrow keys. It is easy to play, but it's gets hard when the stack is high. There are Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue 2X and Pink commands.

DOS 1 2 3.14 Chitown 95 95+ NOT 4.0 98 Meme 2000 Whisper XB Largehorn Wista 7 81 10 1X
Progress Commander PBDOS.png 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px 32px


  • In update 0.5608, touching the pink segments cause the game soft lock. (this is fixed)


  • 0.525: Progress Sweeper is added
  • 0.526: Progress Sweeper is feature complete
  • 0.527: Progress Defender is added
  • 0.541: Progresstein3d is added with a timer of 50
  • 0.542: The timer for Progresstein3d is changed from 50 to 400
  • 0.543: Progresstein3d is feature complete
  • 0.5605: Progress Sweeper in Progressbar Wista, 7 and 81 gets a new look. The font for ProgressStein 3D counter has been changed.
  • 0.5607: Progresstrix is added
  • 0.5608: Progress Commander is added
  • 0.6004: Custom game mode is added. It has a bug that does not let players play it.
  • 0.6005: Fixes a bug that does not let players play the custom game mode.
  • 0.6006: "Easy" difficulty in the custom game mode renamed to "Boring".


  • Before version 0.525, there was only one row of difficulty icons. With the addition of the Progress Sweeper and Progress Defender gamemodes, a second row had to be added.

  • At some point, there was a rumored game mode called Expert which claimed to be harder than Hardcore and only available on operating systems on Expert or higher. This was removed from the article later on.
  • Until September 11, 2020, each game mode has its own article.

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